Paranosis Charcoal Grey Beanie With Rainbow Hologram Logo



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Charcoal Grey single cuff beanie with rainbow foil hologram logo on grey patch.

Limited colors and quantity available!

One size fits all

Quality Hand Crafted

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adjective: con·scious /ˈkänSHəs/
Having knowledge of something. Aware of, and responding to one’s surroundings; awake; aware.

Paranosis logo beanies are a one size fits all, single cuff, comfort fit, one of a kind beanie, highlighting the Mystical Paranosis symbol that was carefully crafted to attract and highlight one’s inner power of intention, vision, creativity, clarity, protection, inner magic and self-awareness. It was Believed when we created this powerful symbol that by wearing it, one would become a beacon of inner power and protection. These limited beanies are a symbol of the very intent that the Paranosis team represents and harnesses! For a limited time, you can now hone into this very powerful charm and represent with intention.