Welcome to Paranosis


Paranosis Paranormal is not out to prove the existence of ghosts/spirits, like so many other teams/groups in the world today. We are here to give people the opportunity to experience things and decide for themselves. Whether people believe in the existence of ghosts is ultimately up to the individual, we are simply a vessel that they can use to decide for themselves. By opening the mind, the senses, and giving people access to use investigation equipment, they can investigate on all levels and come to their own conclusions.

Imagine, that you could close your eyes and open your subconscious mind using Hypnosis to tap into your five senses and possibly the sixth? PARANOSIS is a heightened state of awareness allowing ordinary people to experience the extraordinary in the paranormal realm, where the limits are endless and the veil is thinned using the mind as a powerful tool of focus, clarity and infinite possibility!

In the past, traditional paranormal investigations used a combination of high tech tools to research and collect data also known as “evidence”. PARANOSIS is a collaboration of like-minded researchers that are working with and developing methods of a not so traditional standard. Combining Paranormal & Hypnosis to create The PARANOSIS Experience. A journey into the paranormal like you have never experienced or witnessed before.

Stay tuned for the release of our premier episode, news, and live public events. Interact with our social media pages to learn more about the PARANOSIS family and embark on our journeys as if you were right there alongside us.