Dark Friday Sale!


Just in time for Christmas, Paranosis Paranormal has the perfect gift for the Paranormal enthusiast in your home, even if they are just getting started for the first time ever. We are offering a frequent fear Lanyard that will allow the card holder a huge discount at our regular events and have up to 5 punches to use how they see fit for only $119.95. In the event that a location is exclusive and may cost more, they can then use another credit punch toward the special event pricing. PLUS by being a frequent Card holder you will have VIP access to the locations before the general public, photo ops with the cast and crew, behind the scenes, less wait time to get in and start the investigation, PLUS never be sold out of any event as you will have first dibs on locations and tickets before the general public. There will be a special VIP Punch Pass Member ONLY Investigation at a location to be announced.  Get yours today and start using it at our next event, discounts, and offers on merchandise. Only 13 of these passes will be distributed for our 2019 season! Act Now and get your Ghost Hunt on!

Exclusive VIP Membership ONLY Locations and Investigations to be announced.

No Refunds, All Sales are Final.